The Legend of TWIN STAR

第一章 TWIN星球


In the era of the vast universe, there is a planet called TWIN stars, the other planet the most different places, it is composed of a TWIN stars, one is living on the planet, one is the energy planet.

第二章 橡樹子崇拜


TWIN stars of the most distinguished species, is the oak, every forest is mainly oak-based. TWIN people believe that the oak tree has the wisdom and health of the energy, so every year to worship the activities of the oak tree.

第三章 水壺狗


The patron saint of the oak tree is the kettle dog. It can smell the earth's oak, and at any time to give them the energy of the spring, so that every oak, can grow up.

第四章 鐵鱷魚入侵


Another country, called iron crocodile, they eat oak, oak roots, means very cruel. In order to have the energy of the universe, they invaded the TWIN star.

第五章 航向地球~ 雙橡園 F1

TWIN king is mask king, in a month of high night wind, he used the transfer of space knowledge, the people of the country took the oak came to the beautiful earth, Taichung, double oak, F1 hall.