【BAN JIU SHI】 is the new project in the area of Ke Wang Park designed by the construction company, SAN SAN ZHU DA and the direct designer is Wang, Sheng- Zheng. This project is specialized in Anti-COVID 19, which goes viral on the internet. There are 7 intelligent elevators within 3 buildings. Residents can call elevators with gestures and choose the floor with voice control without any contact. Most importantly, residents will not meet each other during elevator rides. It’s very hard to see such advanced building exclusive for COVID 19 on the housing market in Taiwan.

影片製作的概念,不走傳統房地產路線,以「TURN THE WORLD UPSIDE DOWN」為開場,將90%理性,顛轉為90%感性;將90%城市,翻轉為90%山林。若將台北顛倒,妳就能徜徉在霄裡溪畔無邊際的泳池中,擁抱山林鏡月入夢,人生豈不美哉?

The concept behind this video is that we decide to make the video that no any other real estate did before. Take “TURN THE WORLD UPSIDE DOWN “as the preamble, we turn 90% rationality into sensation; turn 90% urban into forest. If we turned Taipei city upside down, you could wander in the infinite pool featured by picturesque floating clouds and drift off to sleep in the surrounded forest with moonlight shining though window.